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BREAKING: Twitter Might Have a New York Office!

We need to be very careful here. Because the last time we thought that Twitter might have opened a New York Office, Twitter said there was no such thing. It was just an office in New York where people from Twitter went to work.

But! It certainly seems as if Twitter is finally getting ready to open up an Official New York Office. For real.

Elizabeth Weil, who runs “culture” for the site, appears to have spent the last few days building out the thing by hand, with frequent visits to Home Depot. We’re still waiting for Official Confirmation From Twitter, but the new office appears to have a security system, Wi-Fi and coffee mugs. Plans also call for a “big ass map.”

So, at the risk of jumping the gun — Welcome To New York For Real, Twitter! (UPDATE: Twitter confirms that this is not, in fact, an elaborate HPOA-style prank: “We have a new perch in NYC, to house our growing flock there. #twitternyc opened this morning.”)

A couple of orientation notes: You’ll find your pals at Facebook down the street. If you ever have the urge to talk to the Google guys about anything, they’re about a mile downtown, on the West Side, right by the Apple store and all those dudes wearing too much Axe. Spotify rents some space in the same building, if you still need an invite. (And while you’re there, definitely check out the High Line. Seriously.)

Most important: It’s not “Mad Men” time anymore, so the ad guys you need to talk to aren’t all located on Madison Avenue. You may need to head downtown to Hudson Square, or even across the river to Brooklyn, to find some of them. Apparently it’s once again safe to swim over there.

(Careful when you walk, though.)

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