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One Stream to Rule Them All! Rolls Out a New Take on Social Network Mashups.

You use a lot of different social networks. Wouldn’t it be nice to tie them together on one Web page?

Well, that’s what both and do. The latter has a new set of features, which you can see demoed in a slick video at the bottom of this post.

So, what about a place where you could tie all of your friends’ different networks together, too? You can see this at several places, most notably on Facebook. But now Flavors is offering its own take, via something it calls “Social Streams.”

The key hook here is that you can customize the inputs, so you could see some of your friends’ YouTube favorites, other friends’ Instagrams, everyone’s Twitter feed, etc. (You can see all of that in that same slick video.)

All of this sounds cool, though perhaps I’m not the target demo, because I like to keep my networks segregated. Twitter is for work, Facebook is for photos of my kids. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do on LinkedIn, but my friends and also people I’ve only met once keep asking me to pal up with them, so occasionally I do. Etc.

But there does seem to be an audience for this one-stream stuff. AOL-owned says it has a million users, and Jonathan Marcus, whose HiiDef holding company owns both Flavors and e-commerce start-up Goodsie, says Flavors has 750,000 users. Here he explains what he’s up to, and why it makes sense to mash up your networks:

Flavors 2: Social Streams from Hiidef on Vimeo.

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