Khush’s Songify Live Gives the Tone-Deaf an Auto-Tune-Up (Demo)

As evidenced nightly in karaoke joints around the country, when it comes to singing, more people are blessed with enthusiasm than with talent.

But there is hope, even for the hopelessly tone-deaf, in Songify Live, a new app that lets even the most egregious musical offender crank out a catchy tune — in tune.

Songify Live, which is being demoed at the D: Dive Into Media conference, is the newest release from the partnership between app makers Khush and viral music video sensations the Gregory Brothers, who are famous for turning remixed video clips of news programs into “Auto-Tune the News.”

Songify Live lets users speak into their iPhone, and its Auto-Tune-inspired software engine turns their regular speech into a Gregory Brothers-style pop song, complete with complex beats and tricky arpeggios.

Users just push the button, start talking, and a song instantly appears.

The app may not provide the instant feedback of a karaoke audience but, then again, neither will users find themselves being chased down the street by a bottle-wielding crowd after an unfortunate rendition of “Piano Man.”

Have a look at Khush founders Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia using the service to create their own promo video:

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