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Former Hulu Boss Jason Kilar Drops Some Hints About His New Startup

While things at his old company are still in flux, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is starting up a new company.

He won’t talk publicly about what he’s doing, but now he has formally announced that he’s doing … something by unveiling a new teaser/”help wanted” website.

Oh! And he tweeted, too:

Feel free to check out the slick site for “The Fremont Project,” but be warned that there isn’t a lot of detail available there.

All Kilar and Rich Tom, his former chief technology officer at Hulu, are willing to say is that The Fremont Project is a “code name for a new consumer-focused venture,” and that they’d like to hire some awesome designers and developers.

Oh! And, like Jeff Bezos, Kilar’s former boss, they also want to “delight our customers.”

Like TechCrunch, we’ve also heard that Kilar’s new venture is connected to “the living room” in some way. But that could mean a lot of things, and there’s no hint here about which one of those things that means.

If you had time on your hands last night, you might have also poked around Twitter and Google and found a few more things, which don’t really mean much at all, but are sort of interesting, if you’re inclined that way.

What’s that? You didn’t do that? Okay. Here’s what you might have seen:

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