Chartboost Taps Chung-Man Tam to Help Its Ad Products Cohere

The mobile ad network says it wants to do a better job of growing in tandem with its customers.

Unity Plans to Publish, Cross-Promote Mobile Games

Some new verticals for the developer-friendly game engine.

News Byte

YuMe Video Ad Network IPO Prices Below Expectations

Another video ad network is set to go public, and investors don’t seem to be excited about this one, either: YuMe, which will start trading on the NYSE tomorrow, had hoped to sell its first shares at $12 to $14 a piece; instead, the company reportedly got $9 a share. In June, video ad network Tremor also priced below expectations, and its shares fell on the first day of trading and haven’t recovered.


The Reason Facebook Is Buying Atlas

Facebook would look to Atlas as the infrastructure for tools that show how users engage with Facebook ads, and where Facebook fits in the conversion path.

Facebook Opens Up Your Inbox to Outsiders, for a Fee

A dollar a message, with lots of restrictions.

Another Taste of an Ad Network: Facebook Debuts Off-Site Mobile Ads

The social giant is testing the waters for Facebook ads outside of

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors: Please Don’t Pick Up Your iPhone!

Tune in, turn on, ignore the ads: Mobile Web use spikes during prime-time TV — and it heads even higher when the commercials come on.

The Rest of MOG Finds a Home: Radio Chain Townsquare Buys Ad Network

The music start-up’s story ends with a $10 million sale.

Hints of an Ad Network, but No Ad Network: First Facebook Ads Appear on

Think of it as a billboard on the highway next to your FarmVille crops.

Kindle Fire Ad Requests Spiked 261 Percent on Christmas Day

Santa’s good little boys and girls fire their Fires up for the first time — en masse.

A Sheriff for Web Ads Gets $10 Million

Google Loves Apple’s Quattro Deal

AOL’s Ad Challenge, Explained

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