Machinima Wants a Mega-Round. Who Wants to Invest in a YouTube Giant?

It’s one of the biggest players on the world’s biggest video site. How much is that worth?
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How Many Techies Does It Take to Reelect a President? T4O Launches “Innovator Series” Videos for Obama.

Technology4Obama puts its mouth where its mouth is.


News Corp. Partners With Bank to Aid in Sale of IGN Entertainment Sites

News Corp. is working with investment bank Allen & Co. on an auction to sell its network of videogame and entertainment Web sites, known as IGN Entertainment, after the company’s initial sale efforts failed to produce a deal, according to people involved on both sides of the negotiations.

Indeed Investment Nets New York Times $100 Million Profit

Add in the $300 million from the sale, and the paper is having a very good week.

Workday Files for a $400 Million IPO

As expected, the fast-growing cloud software company has filed for a public offering.

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Washington Post Invests in Education Tech Site

EdSurge, a site that covers the boom in education technology, has raised a $400,000 seed round led by the Washington Post Co. and NewSchools Venture Fund, along with angels like Allen & Co.’s Nancy Peretsman and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Judy Estrin. Founded in February 2011, EdSurge is run by Elizabeth Corcoran, a veteran technology reporter who worked at Forbes and the Post.


Vevo Seeks New Financing

Vevo, the online music video company, is seeking to raise new equity financing, people familiar with the company’s plans said, amid plans to expand its operations overseas.

Is Facebook IPO on Track for May?

With a click, with a shock, phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock, open the latch! Something’s coming, don’t know when, but it’s soon; Catch the moon, one-handed catch!

A $55 Million Silver Lining for Beyond Oblivion’s Backers

Coulda been worse.

Remedy Health Media Acquires HealthCentral

Remedy Health, a New York-based health information company, has bought HealthCentral, a start-up that offers online clinical and patient tools, community and content in a variety of topic areas.