Google Play Global Marketing Director Departs

Google’s content arm loses its marketing honcho for pastures unknown.

Quartz Shoots for Tablet and Mobile Readers, but Doesn’t Arm Itself With an App

Atlantic Media’s new business news site assumes you’ll read it on an iPad or iPhone. But it’s not bothering to produce anything for Apple’s App Store.

Exclusive: Google Commerce Exec Tilenius Departs for Kleiner

The Google Wallet exec checks out of the search giant.

RIM Will End PlayBook Sideloading to Escape “Android Market Cesspool”

Developers are getting restless about piracy.

So Here’s Why You May Have Trouble Finding the Android Market Icon on Your Phone

It’s part of an effort by the search giant to rebrand its app, music, books and movie stores under the Google Play umbrella.

Google’s “Bouncer” Has Been Quietly Scanning Android Apps for Malware

The Android maker says its technology looks for the presence of known malicious apps as well as for red flags that might indicate an app is up to no good.

Google’s Head of Consumer Payments, Vikas Gupta, Resigns

Vikas Gupta joined Google 18 months ago after it acquired Jambool, the virtual goods payment platform where he was a founder and CEO.

Google’s VP of Commerce, Stephanie Tilenius, Moves Into Global Role

Google’s VP of Commerce, Stephanie Tilenius, who was helping to lead the company’s mobile payments initiative, is changing roles to oversee the company’s commerce efforts internationally.

Windows Phone Marketplace Beats Android Market to 50,000 Apps

50,000 app submissions in 14 months.

A Gift to Developers: A Quarter of a Billion Apps Downloaded on Christmas

A record number of applications were downloaded on Dec. 25, making it a very “appy” Christmas for at least some mobile developers.