Twitch Takes Up Cat Herding With Ban on PlayStation 4’s Playroom

Banning users who broke the rules, and delisting their game of choice worked — once. But what happens when this happens again? And again?

Apple-Won Ban on Import of Certain Samsung Devices Upheld

Samsung’s appeal to President Barack Obama’s administration for a veto of an import ban on some of its mobile devices has failed.

Samsung Hopes Obama Administration Will Veto Smartphone Ban

“The world is watching how Samsung is treated by the United States in this ‘smartphone war.'”

China’s Free-Trade Zone Could Be a Small Step in Facebook’s Continued Growth

A potential opening in China could give the giant social network its first foothold.

What Does the Microsoft-Motorola Mobility Patent Case Mean for BlackBerry?

Potential grounds for renegotiating the patent licensing fees it pays to Google’s Motorola Mobility division.

Obama Administration Vetoes Apple Product Ban

The president strikes down a ruling that could have prohibited sales of some Apple products in the U.S.

Senators Caution White House Over ITC’s Looming iPhone Ban

A bipartisan group of senators calls upon the Obama administration to consider the public interest as it weighs whether or not to veto an order blocking U.S. sales of older iPhones and iPads.

Apple-Samsung Sales Ban Showdown Heads to Court Next Month

Apple gets a court date to argue in favor of a ban on the Samsung devices that last summer were found to infringe its patents.

News Byte

Microsoft Sues U.S. Customs Over Motorola Smartphone Ban

Microsoft, which last year won an importation ban on some phones made by Google’s Motorola Mobility division, on Friday sued U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) for failing to follow through on it. In its complaint, Microsoft claims that CBP has “repeatedly ignored its obligation” to enforce the ban, which was issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission last summer and is to remain in place until 2018.


NSFGlass? (Comic)

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ITC Postpones iPhone Ban Decision