Dogs and Cats Live Together, and Kid Rock Starts Selling Music on iTunes

Last year, Apple’s pricing policies were “un-American.” They haven’t changed, but apparently the musician’s mind has.

Five Questions for Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers

Leaner and meaner isn’t always enough. After a company-wide restructuring, growing profits is proving tougher than Cisco CEO John Chambers expected. You know, it don’t come easy.

News Byte

Hello, Goodbye. That Will Be $1.29.

Apple and the Beatles have put out ringtones based on 27 of the band’s songs. Which is a good time to remind people that Apple’s iTunes store has had an unprecedented year-plus exclusive on the band’s digital library, which began way back in November 2010.

Siri + Santa = Apple’s New Ad

Also: Did you forget about Apple’s Beatles exclusive? We can help.

An Apple Gift for the Holidays: Free Beatles (Book) on iTunes

You’d have to be a Blue Meanie not to enjoy this.

The Beatles Don’t Want You to Steal Music. But They Still Won’t Sell It Anywhere but iTunes. (Video)

That Apple exclusive is now 10 months and counting.

Did the Beatles Just Save the Music Business? No! But Sales Are Up…

Still can’t call it a turnaround. But music sales are indeed up in the U.S. this year, and that’s because digital sales have new life again. That can’t be because the Beatles are on iTunes. (Right?)

Cheap Beatles Songs = $1 Million Legal Bill

A couple years ago, we learned that you can’t take music from the major labels and sell copies of it on your own Web site without a license. Today we learned what happens if you try: a $950,000 penalty

Game Off! Viacom Dumps Rock Band on Investment Group

Remember when music video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band were red-hot? That was a couple of years ago.


Amazon Can't Dent iTunes

On the day Apple Inc. rolled out the Beatles’ catalog on its iTunes Store, Inc. fired back with a digital exclusive of its own: The latest album from rap-rocker Kid Rock–whose music still isn’t available on iTunes–for just $3.99.