BoomTown on KQED's "iPhone or iSpy" Radio Show (Audio)

The Apple iOS and Google Android smartphone location-tracking kerfuffle. Smarty-pants commentators. KQED’s “Forum” radio show with interviewer Michael Krasny yesterday. Go!

Viral Slides: Play CFO With Microsoft's Q3 Deck

Yesterday, Microsoft reported third-quarter earnings, which beat expectations, but still had some warnings signs (PC non-growth!). Here the the software giant’s results, all duded up with pretty charts and bullet points to pencil out.

Liveblogging Microsoft 3Q Earnings: Office-Tastic and Kinect-Able (But PC-Frown)

You’d think there would be a party in Redmond, Wash. today, as software giant Microsoft soundly beat Wall Street expectations in its third-quarter earnings released today. But there are shadows too, as results were dragged down by weaker revenues for its flagship Windows unit. The report comes as Microsoft’s stock continues to lag, declining 14 percent for the year. Buzz kill!

Thanks, Kinect! Microsoft Q3 Earnings Soundly Beat the Street, So Will a Stock Rise Finally Follow?

Software giant Microsoft soundly beat Wall Street expectations in its third-quarter earnings released after the markets closed today. Microsoft said it had revenue of $16.43 billion for the quarter ended Mar. 31, 2011, which was up 13 percent from a year ago. Net income was $5.23 billion, or 61 cents per share, a rise of 36 percent.

Godspeed on That Investing Thing, Yertle–But I Still Have Some Questions for Your Boss, Arianna

Would it surprise you to know that BoomTown doesn’t really care anymore if TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington sidelines as a blogger while he makes investments in tech companies his tech news site covers? Especially after reading his post yesterday that made a good argument about who he is and, frankly, who he has always been. But that does not mean his boss, AOL content head Arianna Huffington, doesn’t have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Ahead of Earnings Next Week, Demand Media Shares Drastic Dip Due to Googley Panda-Monium

April showers bring…well, a bad month for the still-young stock of online content maker Demand Media. After a successful IPO in January, shares of the Santa Monica, Calif., company have only seen gloomy weather after algorithm changes at Google–with the seemingly dulcet code name of “Panda” and designed to weed out poorly made content–started to impact some of its traffic.

AOL's Stock Might Be Cold, but Its New Silicon Valley HQ Is Pretty Cool (Video)

Earlier this week, BoomTown took the All Things Digital minivan for a spin down to see the new Silicon Valley digs of AOL. The Palo Alto, Calif., office is helmed by former Yahoo exec Brad “Peanut Butter Manifesto” Garlinghouse, who also turned out to be a very entertaining tour guide.

Viral Video: "Another Earth" (Another Life?)

For anyone who loves the idea of a doppelgänger–someone out there who is you except different–this trailer for much-anticipated indie film, “Another Earth,” is for you. It’s about astrophysics and accidents and aliens and alienation, on the occasion of the “discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system.”

Video: AOL's Hyperactive CEO Tim Armstrong Talks About What's Next

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has certainly had a very busy year, from the continued massive restructuring of the troubled Internet portal to ziggy-zaggy strategic shifts in content and advertising to a series of frenetic acquisitions, capped by the $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post earlier this year. Also let’s not forget all those fabulous appearances with the media-genic Arianna Huffington.

A “Probe in Your Pocket”? Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Andy Rubin Talk Smartphone Privacy at D8 and Dive.

We’ve done a lot of onstage interviews at our D: All Things Digital conferences with the leaders of tech. That includes Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google smartphone kingpin Andy Rubin, both of whom are now dealing with the fallout over a series of reports that iOS and Android smartphones regularly transmit their locations back to both companies. Here are both talking about the now-explosive issue of privacy.

Viral Video: "The Hobbit" Blog