Dish Gets a Sprint Deal, Just Not the One It First Wanted

The two companies plan to offer, on a trial basis, a fixed wireless Internet service to be installed by Dish using Sprint’s airwaves.


FCC Crowdsources Mobile Broadband Research With Android App

Most smartphone users know data speeds can vary widely. But how do the different carriers stack up against each other? The Federal Communications Commission is hoping the public can help figure that out, using a new app it will preview next week.

Finding an Inexpensive Phone Upgrade

Walt answers readers’ questions on finding an inexpensive upgrade to a Nokia Lumia phone.

Viacom-Sony TV Is a Big Deal. It’s Also the Same Deal We Already Have.

You may actually be able to get cable TV delivered over the Web in the not-so-distant future. But it’s going to look a whole lot like cable TV looks now.

Why Apple TV Is a Cord-Cutter’s Gateway Drug

It starts innocently enough. You just want to watch some Web video on your flat screen. But, before you know it …

Inside the Mysterious World of the Elusive Cord-Cutter!

Secrets revealed! For starters: Turns out that people who don’t pay for TV are happy to pay for TV.

Google’s Plan to Use Balloons to Blanket the World in Bandwidth

An idea to finally make the Internet truly global.

White House Aims to Loosen Grip on Government-Held Wireless Spectrum

Also, big progress on residential broadband.

AT&T Discusses Entering Into a Joint Bid for Hulu With Chernin Group

The telecom giant might be bellying up to the premium video service bar.

You Spend a Lot of Time With Your Mobile Device at Home — Even More if It’s an iPad

A huge spike in broadband use for mobile devices — when they’re still in your house. Apple accounts for nearly half of that.

The Super Bowl Gave the Web the Night Off

A Peek at TV’s Future, Via Google Fiber