FCC Unlikely to Bless a Comcast-TWC Deal, Says Regulator

Any effort by Comcast Corp. to acquire Time Warner Cable Inc. would face significant hurdles in Washington, according to a Federal Communications Commission official, casting doubt on a cable-industry consolidation scenario that has grabbed Wall Street’s attention.


Cox Explores Bidding for Time Warner Cable

Cox Communications is contemplating jumping into the bidding for Time Warner Cable Inc. — either on its own or with others — say people familiar with the situation.

Why Your Cable Bill Won’t Get Smaller When Big TV Gets Bigger

For now, at least.


Telecoms Selling TV Have Bigger Impact on Cable Firms

The way things are going, the term “cable TV” may have to be replaced by “phone TV.”


Time Warner Cable Earnings: Subscriber Losses Grow

Time Warner Cable Inc. lost far more TV customers than expected in the third quarter, and for the first time lost Internet subscribers, largely due to its month-long dispute with CBS Corp. during the quarter, executives said.

Dear Internet: You Still Can’t Get HBO Without Paying for Cable

Actually, you can, but the cable guys make it pretty hard. And that’s not what Comcast is selling, anyway.

Viacom-Sony TV Is a Big Deal. It’s Also the Same Deal We Already Have.

You may actually be able to get cable TV delivered over the Web in the not-so-distant future. But it’s going to look a whole lot like cable TV looks now.

How to Watch CNN for Free, Without Paying for Cable*

Go to CNN.com. Is there a catch? Of course there’s a catch.

Why Apple TV Is a Cord-Cutter’s Gateway Drug

It starts innocently enough. You just want to watch some Web video on your flat screen. But, before you know it …


Time Warner Cable Proposes End to CBS Blackout

Time Warner Cable proposed an end to the three-day old blackout of CBS on the cable operator’s TV channel lineup, offering two possible solutions to resolve the stalemate.