Google’s Chromecast Offers Another Way to Get Content From Mobile to TV

The approach is built around a two-inch dongle that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port.

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Google Expands Retail Availability of Chromebooks

Today, Google announced that it is bringing its Chromebook laptops to more retailers, including Walmart and Staples. Starting now, customers can pick up the Acer Chromebook at one of Walmart’s 2,800 stores nationwide for $199. Meanwhile, Staples will offer a broader selection, with models from Acer, HP and Samsung arriving this weekend. Google’s line of affordable laptops based on Chrome OS will also make their way to select Office Depot, Office Max, Fry’s and TigerDirect stores in the coming months.

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Now You Can Play Old-School Pong Via Newfangled Web Video Tech

Google has made another one of its nifty “Chrome Experiment” demos to show off new Web technology. It’s called Cube Slam and, using WebRTC, you can play the arcade game Pong face to face with a friend without installing any plugins (on desktop Chrome or Chrome OS, not mobile yet). Since you control the Pong paddle via off-camera arrow buttons, the live video part is kind of odd — so make sure to psych yourself up to trash-talk and be extremely visually expressive before you send your friend an invite link.

Google’s Schmidt Says Executive Moves Don’t Necessarily Mean Chrome OS and Android Getting Hitched

Chrome OS and Android will remain separate, though they may have more overlap going forward, Eric Schmidt, said speaking in India.

Andy Rubin Stepping Down as Android Head Was Sudden but Inevitable

Larry Page subs a grounded and effective operator, Sundar Pichai, for the independent-minded Rubin.

Acer C7 Chromebook Gets Boost in Memory, Battery Life

There’s a boost in price as well (though nowhere near Chromebook Pixel levels).

Meet Mozilla’s Host of New Mobile Partners

The browser maker is looking to create for the phone an operating system similar to what Google is trying on the desktop with Chrome OS.

Google-Built Chromebook Pixel Takes On the Power User

Google branches out on its own with the Chromebook Pixel.

HP Enters Chromebook Market With Pavilion 14

HP joins the Chromebook fray.