Despite Free-to-Play Explosion, Apple Puts Spotlight on Paid Games

Candy Crush can fend for itself.
Apple's iPad game of the year, Badland.


“Crowdfunding” Gets State-Level Test Run

Officials in nearly a dozen states have enacted or proposed new laws — or tweaked existing policies — to make it possible for resident entrepreneurs to secure financing from everyday local investors, also known as “equity crowdfunding.”

One Year In, Spaceteam’s Solo Developer Hopes Fans Will Fund Him Directly

The developer of a successful game that made no money plots his next course.

Woojer Wants to Be Both a Gadget for Gamers and a Helpful Oomph for the Hearing Impaired

SanDisk founder and Woojer investor Eli Harari says the device could be a trojan horse for good — if it gets funded on Kickstarter.

News Byte

Kickstarter CEO Passes Job to Co-Founder

Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen is stepping down from his role as CEO and up to the post of chairman of the online crowdfunding company on Jan. 1, he blogged today, saying that the move will give him more time for creative projects. The new CEO will be co-founder Yancey Strickler, who previously worked on customer service, community and communications. The third Kickstarter co-founder, Charles Adler, is leaving his day-to-day role. The company published new stats yesterday, among them that it has had five million people back projects.

SEC Gets Closer to Opening Up Crowdfunding; Here’s the Proposal

The full proposal isn’t online yet, but here are the basics.

Unaccredited Investors May Finally Get the Go-Ahead to Fund Startups This Week

More than a year after the JOBS Act was signed into law, one of the most important provisions may finally be coming into effect.

Does Social Media Help Videogame Developers Find Fans? It Depends on Whom You Ask.

“At least two-thirds of the people who use Reddit have acne.”

Starting Monday, Startups Can Broadcast Their Fundraising From the Rooftops — If They Heed the Fine Print

Gleeful as some crowdfunding portals may be about the general solicitation ban lifting, it won’t necessarily be dramatically easier to fundraise.

Ouya Rewrites Its Troubled Kickstarter Contest’s Rules After Another Game Flames Out (Update)

Broad, sweeping changes for the much-scrutinized indie crowdfunding contest.