The Longish Goodbye: Highlights From AllThingsD Staffers Johnson, Del Rey and Cha

I don’t know why you say hello, we say goodbye.

It’s a Jack World After All: Disney Names Dorsey to Board

When you wish upon a tech star … (I couldn’t resist, Iger!)

Ho Ho No! Amazon Apologizes After Customers Lose Access to Christmas Content.

Remember when you bought that movie download for your kids? Might want to check to make sure you can still play it.

Disney Brings Full Club Penguin Game to iPad, With Apple’s Blessing for Subscription Model

“It’s not a game. It’s a kids’ social network in the guise of a game.”

Gravity’s Amit Kapur Talks About the State of the “Interest Graph” (Video)

How can you find what you want on the Web?

Katie Couric Deal to Become Yahoo’s “Global News Anchor” Set to Be Announced Monday

It looks like the deal that AllThingsD wrote about in August is finally happening.

ESPN ScoreCenter App Is a Hit, but It’s Getting an Overhaul Anyway: New Name, More Video, More Stuff

ESPN is already mobile-first. So if its users are going to spend all their time there, why not give them more to look at?

Apple TV Adds Yahoo, PBS

Apple’s Web TV box gets a little bit bigger.

Disney World Characters Aren’t Greeting All the Visiting Kids by Name — Yet

Disney seems to be behind schedule with its wearable RFID band project.

Viral Video: “Maleficent” Looks Digitally Magnificent

A cartoon villainess gets a reboot.

Hulu Gets Its Second New Boss of the Year

Another Key Hulu Executive Leaves

Twitter Snags the NFL for Another Ad Win