Google’s Hopes of EU Settlement Suffer Blow

Google Inc.’s hopes of settling its high-profile antitrust case in the European Union suffered a setback Thursday as rivals and consumer groups publicly blasted its latest proposal for resolving the EU’s competition concerns.


Google Amends Proposal to Settle EU Antitrust Investigation

Google Inc. offered new proposals to address European Union concerns that the company unfairly uses its search engine to promote its own services.


Google Nears EU Settlement

Google Inc. appeared to have made a significant step toward settling a long-running competition case with the European Union over its signature search engine after the EU’s competition chief said new Google concessions had moved it much closer to addressing key antitrust concerns.

EU Commissioner: We Don’t Want U.S. Reading Our Mail and Listening to Our Phone Calls

The NSA spying scandal could help pave the way for even stronger privacy laws in Europe, where regulations are already stronger than in the U.S.

European Watchdogs Order Google to Rewrite Privacy Policy

A commission in the United Kingdom has asked Google to make changes to its privacy policies, which the agency finds too confusing for consumers.

Samsung Trying to Settle European Patent-Abuse Charges

“Samsung wants to settle.”


A New Europe for Telecoms?

Neelie Kroes, the European Union’s commissioner in charge of telecoms, doesn’t shy away from a scrap.

EU Regulators Eye Google Again — This Time It’s Android

More trouble for Google abroad.


EU to Ask More of Google

Last month, Google submitted to the EU’s antitrust arm plans to tweak how its search results are displayed, after competitors said it was treating them unfairly.

Here’s What Google Will Look Like in Europe Now

The proposed agreement with the EU covers search labeling and scraping, as expected.