FISA Request Data Could Soon Be Public, With Google Also in Talks With U.S. Government About More Disclosure

Secretive government process might become a little less secretive.

Twitter Wins Round One in Spammer Lawsuit Battle

A settlement with spammers ends in one small step for Twitter, one giant leap for tweet-kind.

Yahoo’s Bid for Hulu in $600M to $800M Range — Even as It Preps Other Big Deals in Mobile and Communications

Get ready for a very noisy game of musical chairs over the premium video site. Meanwhile, Mayer is still shopping for deals.

Yahoo’s Mayer Has Met with Hulu Execs in a Preliminary Look-See at Premium Video Unit

How much is the Silicon Valley Internet giant willing to spend on turbocharging its video prospects?


Look Out Google Fiber, $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Comes to Vermont

Heads up Google Fiber: A rural Vermont telephone company might just have your $70 gigabit Internet offer beat.

FTC’s Jon Leibowitz Takes Your Privacy Very Seriously: The Full D10 Interview (Video)

A top government regulator talks “privacy by design.”

Not So Scott Free? Yahoo’s Other Big Shareholder — Cap Re — Leaning Toward Supporting Loeb Over Thompson ResuMess.

Is the tenure of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson — who is now big with the excuses — in trouble if other shareholders start to bolt?


FCC Proposes $25,000 Fine on Google

The Federal Communications Commission proposed a $25,000 fine on Google Inc., accusing the search giant of deliberately obstructing an investigation into whether the company violated federal rules when its street-mapping service collected and stored data from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks in 2010.

Yahoo Sues Facebook for Patent Infringement, Which Social Network Calls “Puzzling” (Including Filing)

In what is either the boldest gamble of its history or the most boneheaded, Yahoo has filed a massive legal attack against the powerful social networking giant for intellectual property violations.

“Perplexed” by U.S. Ownership Rules, Alibaba’s Ma Yellow Lights Yahoo Buying Parade

From “very, very interested” to a case of wanna-be-buyer’s remorse?

DARPA: That’s Mach 20, Baby

Who Isn't Rambus Suing at the ITC?

Viacom Asks for a Do-Over on YouTube

GSA Goes Google