Vox Media Spends Some of Its Giant Funding Round on Lockhart Steele’s Curbed Network

A blogging pioneer sells his company to a blogging powerhouse.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About News on the Web, Which Will Take You Two Days to Watch

A massive, 50-hour-plus oral history of the way the Web has radically overhauled the news and the news business.
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Nick Denton Is on David Karp’s Side. We Think.

The only real difference between Facebook and Tumblr is that the former achieved escape velocity before the founder was diluted — and neutered.

— Gawker Media owner Nick Denton, sort-of defending Tumblr CEO David Karp, in the comment section of a Valleywag story about Karp’s recent oddly worded public layoff notice

An Amazonian Challenge: Jason Del Rey Joins All Things Digital, Covering Online Commerce

As the Internet of Things escalates and the offline and online worlds continue to combine, this reporter will chronicle it.

Gizmodo Boss Joe Brown Goes (Back) to Wired

Conde Nast’s tech title continues its overhaul.

Sandy Soaks Gawker, HuffPo, BuzzFeed

The cloud can’t help you if water knocks out your server.

Twitter’s Ad Sales Are Booming, Says Gawker

Of course, Gawker also calls Twitter the “World’s Worst Tech or Media Business.” Can’t win ’em all!

Gawker’s Nick Denton Loves Dumb Questions, and His NBC Profile

The blog pioneer gets his 11 minutes of fame, on prime-time broadcast TV. Yawn if you want, Internet know-it-alls: “The dumb questions are almost always the interesting ones.”


Four Weird Things the Internet Is Doing to Our Understanding of Television

People seem really intent these days on fusing television with the Internet. On one level this makes no sense.

BuzzFeed Bulks Up Again, With a Tech Section Run by Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan

Another well-known writer for a site that used to specialize in other people’s writing. This one says he’ll write about “tech for humans.”

The Atlantic Pretties Up With Photos

The Gawker Hack Ripple Hits LinkedIn