IndoorAtlas Aims to Use Magnetic Fields to Map the Insides of Buildings

No new infrastructure required. Just a bit of walking.

Google Is Working on Ingress for iOS, but It Won’t Be Ready Until 2014

A look into the future of the already futuristic alternate-reality game.

Google Is Going to Pay You Back for Your Unused Google Offers

A strategy shift from pay-in-advance vouchers to pay-at-checkout coupons.

Garmin Head-Up Display Offers Safer Navigation, at a Price

The Garmin HUD projects driving directions in your line of sight, so it’s less distracting.

Google’s Local Business Is “Really Struggling,” in “Constant Chaos,” Yelp CEO Tells Charlie Rose (Video)

Jeremy Stoppelman fired the most recent shots in the long-standing Yelp-Google feud.

Google and Waze Start Mixing Their Maps for the First Time

Coming to a Google Map near you: “Reported via Waze app.”

The Latest From Chrome and Android at Google Launch Event

Google this morning will show off the latest in its Chrome and Android lines.


Big Data Is the Only Way to Compete With Google

While Google’s search business continues to grow and expand successfully, it isn’t without potential competitors in major areas of its permeating business model.

Revamped Google Maps App Aims to Give Users More Content

Google overhauled its Maps app so it focuses more on what you want to do, like Eat, Drink, Shop, Play and Sleep.

Google Officially Buys Waze in a $1 Billion-Plus Deal, Will Keep It Independent

Google now owns map startup Waze.

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