Consumers Still Buying Tons of Older iPhones

Lower-priced legacy iPhones are gradually gaining share across Appleā€™s smartphone portfolio.

Among Analysts, Price-Target Cuts Are the Latest Apple Fad

“Solid iPhone 4/4S demand and mixed iPhone 5 demand.”

Best Buy Announces Nine-Day iPhone Trade-In Deal

Turn your working iPhone 4 or 4S into a “free” iPhone 5.

Here’s the ITC Order Banning Some Older iPhones and iPads

The International Trade Commission, which has the power to decide on import bans, ruled Tuesday that some iPhones and iPads infringe on Samsung’s patents.

Test Finds Samsung Galaxy S4 More Breakable Than S3, iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, now with more damageable surface area!

News Byte

Don’t Spend Your AntennaGate Check All in One Place

Attention cash-only members of Apple’s iPhone 4 class action settlement: Your check’s in the mail. Apple this week began distributing $15 payments to iPhone 4 buyers who claimed to have experienced antenna or reception issues with the device, but declined to accept the free case Apple offered as a remedy back in 2010. The issuance of the checks brings to a close a rare Apple PR debacle that culminated in a historic, anomalous “AntennaGate” press conference presided over by company co-founder Steve Jobs.

Legacy iPhones Are Helping Apple Hit a Broader Market

Apple is selling more iPhones. And it’s selling more of them to price-conscious consumers.

T-Mobile Hopes Trade-In Offer Will Lure iPhone Customers From Rivals

The No. 4 U.S. carrier is offering a variety of discounts to those willing to trade in their old iPhone for a new iPhone on T-Mobile.

So Here Is the iPhone Lineup That T-Mobile Just Announced

Here are all the details on the iPhone lineup T-Mobile just announced.

T-Mobile’s Long iPhone Drought Nearly at an End

The company is expected to soon carry a full lineup of Apple phones, with an announcement likely to come at a big event on Tuesday.

A Scuffed iPhone 5

Jimmy Kimmel Dupes iPhone Fans

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event, in Pictures

HTC One V Lands at Virgin Mobile