Apple Happy to Redact Numbers From HTC Deal Just for Samsung [Updated]

The HTC deal? Of course, you can have a copy …

Demand Media Finally Breaks Away for Good From Lance Armstrong

The race is not always to the swift.

RIM’s Heins: Anyone Interested in Licensing BlackBerry 10? Anyone? Bueller?

“The platform can be licensed.”

RIM May Look for Hardware Help With BB10

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins says BlackBerry 10 might be licensed to other handset manufacturers.

News Byte

Google Signs Rovi Patent Deal for TV Program Guides

Google has signed a patent deal with Rovi that will let the search giant use Rovi’s electronic TV guides for several years. A Rovi press release says the licenses cover “set-top boxes, as well as online and mobile platforms,” and that they’ll be put to use on the newly announced Google Fiber pay TV service.

Byte Me: Yahoo Files More Patent Claims Against Facebook

Our long social patent fight is not over.

News Byte

Microsoft Inks Another Android Patent Deal, Says 70 Percent of Devices Now Have License

Microsoft on Wednesday said it had signed a patent licensing deal with Taiwan’s Pegatron, covering any Android devices it produces. With this latest deal, Microsoft said it now has pacts with four of the top five Taiwanese contract manufacturers, covering more than 70 percent of all U.S. Android devices.


Oracle’s Profit Rises 18 Percent on Growth From Software Licenses

Oracle Corp.’s fiscal third-quarter profit rose 18 percent as new licenses from the technology giant’s software business continued to offset weaker hardware revenue.

Meet Billy, the Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot and Hung On Sheryl Sandberg’s Wall

What’s worse than getting an unsolicited a poke on Facebook? Getting shot, killed, eaten and having your head mounted on a wall by its famous founder, that’s what!

Google, China Kiss and Make Up