Barack Obama Wants You To Watch His Funny YouTube Video

I don’t think it’s laugh-out-loud funny, but the White House still gets credit for trying.

HBO Comes to the iPad, a Couple Days Early

All the “Sopranos” and most other great HBO shows you can eat–as long as you’re already paying for the TV service. Works on iPhones and some Android models, too.

The Bull Case for Demand Media–And Why Wall Street May Not Buy It

Demand Media says reactions to Google’s algorithm changes have been overblown, and at least one Wall Street analyst believes it. But what if Google’s not done making changes?

I Do… Want Some Magnum Ice Cream. (Really?)

Why I spent the morning learning about something called Magnum Ice Cream. (Hint: William, Kate + Twitter).

Gripe About the Cable Guys if You Want, but They're Having a Very Nice Quarter

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you think the TV business is begging for disruption. But for now, at least, it’s doing just fine: Advertisers are spending more on the tube, and so are you.

See? Apple Is Totally Tracking You. Ask South Park. (Video)

Sure, you could take Steve Jobs at his word. Or you could listen to Kyle and company.

A Year After Twitter's Cold Shoulder, Twitter Ad Shop 140 Proof Says It's Doing Great

140 Proof’s plans to sell ads in the Twitter stream got shut down, but it says it will still turn a profit this year. It’s raised another $2.5 million to help it get there.

News Byte

NBC Digital Exec JB Perrette Leaves

Comcast is still shuffling executives in the wake of its NBCUniversal merger. The latest is Jean-Briac (JB) Perrette, who at one point headed up digital distribution for NBC and was bumped up to a larger distribution role in 2009. Perrette was also one of NBC’s reps on Hulu’s board of directors, back before it gave them up as a merger concession. first reported on Perrette’s departure. An NBCU statement praised Perrette and wished him well.

News Byte

Yet Another Blogger Weighs In On Barack Obama's Birth Certificate–The White House

Blogs are old news, but you can still find new uses for them. Like today, when the White House used its official account to release Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, along with with correspondence from Hawaii’s state health agency. And like any responsible blogger, the White House used Twitter to promote the post.

Eric Schmidt Plays Oprah With Tina Fey (Video)

Now that Eric Schmidt isn’t running Google anymore, he has time for this kind of stuff: An hour-long interview with Tina Fey, conducted last week at the Googleplex.

"We Sold Every iPad 2 We Could Make"