Dark Tower: A Mac Pro Review Roundup

Here’s what they’re saying about Apple’s new Mac Pro.

Here’s What They’re Saying About the New iPhones

Largely glowing, with a few minor quibbles.

Can Travel Reviews Be Sexy? Triptease Thinks So.

Triptease makes your reviews look like they’re straight out of a travel magazine. But the lack of negative reviews might be its biggest negative.

News Byte

Quora Expands Its Smartypants Walled Garden to Include Reviews

Q&A site Quora is opening up another plot in its walled-garden version of the Internet: Reviews. Starting today, the site will allow writers to post written reviews and star ratings of movies, apps and cars and other topics. Previously, it launched a blogging tool in January.

Angie’s List Worth Nearly $1 Billion as Shares Soar 25 Percent

Angie’s List easily beat analyst expectations in the fourth quarter, following an increase of paid memberships.

Going the Extra Mile Now that Google Maps Have Returned to iOS

Some complaints about Google’s new iOS Maps app are simply out of its control.


Halo 4 Passes Its First Crucial Test: Metacritic

Microsoft Corp. has a lot riding on its new alien shooting videogame, Halo 4, which is part of the blockbuster Halo franchise and debuts Nov 6. But there’s one thing over which Halo 4′s creators can breathe a sigh of relief: The game’s review score from Metacritic.com.

Marissa Mayer’s First Acquisition at Yahoo Is Stamped

The team, which includes a handful of former Googlers, will form the basis for a brand new product and engineering office in New York.

Let the Games Begin: Vox Media Launches a New Site Covering Videogames

Meet Polygon, the newest member of the Vox Media family, which until today consisted of The Verge and SB Nation.

Yelp Acquires European Reviews Site Qype for $50 Million

Five stars. Would acquire again.