Tobii’s Eye-Tracking Tech Knows What You’re Eyeing on Dating Sites

Men like pictures; women like text. You don’t say.


Early Adopter: Accelsor Takes Web Sites From Prototype to Publish in Zero Steps

A couple of guys born in the ’90s, using programming languages born in the 2000s, build a drastically different Web site creation tool–how much more “next generation” can you get? Accelsor is a tool for quickly developing Web sites that combines the prototyping and coding stages into a single step.

Gawker's Nick Denton: See, You Ingrates? This Is What We're Trying to Do (Video)

The Blog King doesn’t want to be the Blog King: He wants his sites to be as compelling as TV. Here’s his promo reel.

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Google Tweaks Search Results To Punish "Scrapers"

Google is going after “scraper” sites that copy and paste other people’s content, via a change in the search engine’s algorithm. Google engineer Matt Cutts made the announcement on his personal blog today, as a follow-up to a much-discussed post on Google’s official blog about sites with “shallow or low-quality content.” Many observers thought Google’s original note was about Demand Media, but Demand CEO Richard Rosenblatt says that’s not the case.

Viral Video: 2010 As Told Through Google Products

For 2010, Google dressed up its annual Zeitgeist list of fastest-rising search terms with nifty HTML5 data visualizations and a music video that sums up the year while demonstrating uses of all sorts of Google products.

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Sen. Kohl Urges Close DOJ Review of Google-ITA Deal

Getting on board with those who have reservations about Google’s planned acquisition of flight information provider ITA Software, Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis. and head of a Senate antitrust panel, today urged the Department of Justice to be extra diligent in its review of the deal. Citing the concerns of consumer groups and existing online travel search and booking sites, Kohl suggested the DOJ may need to consider predicating its approval on certain conditions to ensure fair competition.

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China Telecom Denies U.S. Government Report That It Hijacked Web Traffic

China Telecom issued a statement today denying that it hijacked Internet traffic, in response to a report issued yesterday by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which claims that on April 8, 15 percent of global Web traffic was diverted through Chinese Web servers. The rerouted data reportedly included traffic from U.S. government and military sites, as well as corporate sites like Microsoft and Yahoo.

Meebo Foursquarifies the Web with Check-ins

Meebo on Tuesday plans to announce an update to its popular Meebo Bar (which is used on this Web site, and many others, to make it easier for users to share content). The goal is to help users discover new Web sites (kind of like StumbleUpon) and become loyal to them by using a check-in system (kind of like a virtual Foursquare).

With a Big Push From Apple, HTML5 Video Wins the Web (But Not Completely)

No one seems to spend much time talking about the HTML5 vs. Flash video face-off anymore. For good reason: There’s not much to debate anymore.

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Sugar Inc. Goes Shopping, Buys MyPerfectSale

Sugar Inc., the San Francisco-based, women-focused network of content sites, just keeps stretching its legs. The company announced today that it has acquired MyPerfectSale, an online shopping service for high-end fashion, which will join its ShopStyle network of shopping sites. Last month, CEO Brian Sugar spoke with Kara Swisher about a couple of other recent expansion moves–its first foray into local in June and its first foray into Facebook in July, with the launch of a shopping game called Retail Therapy.