Stir Kinetic Desk, Created by Former iPod Engineer, Makes Other Standing Desks Look Boring

For $3890, the Stir desk had better do everything but make me a sandwich.


Airplane Wi-Fi Gets Up to Speed

The race for fast Internet at 30,000 feet is accelerating as airlines roll out new technologies and speedier connections — offering more productivity for business travelers but also encroaching on a rare refuge from the wired world.

With Parents in Mind, WebCurfew Blocks Wi-Fi From Router to Kids’ Devices

A new way to pull eyes away from the screen and toward the dinner table.

Scattered Complaints Arise About Apple’s New MacBook Air and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Super-slim? Check. Long-lasting battery? Check. Connects to the InterWebs?…

Canon’s Square PowerShot N Is a “Tweener,” but a Keeper

It’s hip to be a square digital camera.

With August, Yves Behar Brings Fine Design to a “Smart” Door Lock

August says it’s offering the first truly “hands-free” solution to unlocking your front door.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Costs $237 to Build, Teardown Analysis Shows

Samsung buys a lot of components from itself.

Wi-Fi, Voice Calling Come to More New York City Subway Stations

Now New Yorkers will really have their heads buried in their phones.

Will RIM Pay Nokia to Avoid BlackBerry Ban?

An unfortunate turn of events for RIM, and one that couldn’t come at a worse time.

Western Digital Goes the Router Route

The hard-disk-drive maker is selling new devices that combine wireless networking with storage options.

GoGo Goes for IPO

It’s a So-Lo-Mo World, After All

Saving Web Articles

FTC Closes Google Street View Probe