Most Businesses Probably Had a Mobile Security Incident in the Past Year

Also, more than half of IT pros see Android as the platform “posing the greatest security risk.”

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson Slams Android (Video)

Sharp words from a “challenger.”

PC Sales Shrink, Tablets and Phones Dominate in Four-Year Tech Forecast

More declines seen for PCs.

Microsoft’s Challenge: Bringing Office to iOS and Android While Protecting Its Two Moneymakers

Writing the code is easy, but Redmond is trying to strike a tricky financial balance as it weighs how to bring Office to rival mobile platforms.


Waiting for the Era of Post-PC Productivity? It’s Already Here.

Tablets, smartphones and app stores were the first clues.

In U.S., Slightly More Women Than Men Are Using Smartphones

Ethnic minorities that have a cellphone are also highly likely to have a smartphone, according to new Nielsen data.

News Byte

Skype for Windows Phone Hits Beta

The long-expected version of Skype for Windows Phone has been released as a beta at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It boasts a new user experience that’s tied in to the Windows Phone interface, Metro.


IPO Mafias, BODM and Brands Born From the U.S. Election: Three Mobile Trends Starting to Unfold

Here are three trends that are starting to unfold and should define the year of mobile technology.

Android, iOS Surging While BlackBerry and Windows Slide

No surprises here. Android continues to extend its lead as America’s most popular smartphone operating system.


U.S. Steps Up Probe of Nortel Patent Deal

The Justice Department is intensifying an investigation into whether tech giants including Apple, Microsoft and Research in Motion could use a recently acquired trove of patents to unfairly hobble competing smartphones using Google’s Android software.

Windows Phone 7: It’s Now or Never

Android: Take Me to Your Market Leader