SVP, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox has been a bona fide hit for a company that needs one, and Yusuf Mehdi’s job is to build on that success, both by bringing new games to the hardware, and by turning it into a multimedia entertainment hub, via distribution deals with the likes of ESPN, HBO, and Netflix. Mehdi is a longtime Microsoft vet whose previous job was running its Online Services Division, where he led the company’s foray into search and online advertising. Before that, he was responsible for the product management and marketing of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 1.0 through 5.0.

Posts With Yusuf Mehdi

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News Byte

Microsoft Will Unveil New Xbox May 21

Microsoft will show off its next-generation Xbox videogame console at its Redmond, Wash., campus on May 21, according to invitations sent to reporters today. The Verge previously reported that the new Xbox, code-named Durango, will interact with owners’ cable boxes. Microsoft’s Nancy Tellem and Yusuf Mehdi shared numbers about its current living room fixture, the seven-year-old Xbox 360, at D: Dive Into Media in February.

Okay, Microsoft — What’s Your Next Game Machine Going to Look Like?

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Microsoft Fancies Itself a Content Producer Again

Former CBS executive Nancy Tellem talks about the 125-person production studio Microsoft has opened in Santa Monica in hope of getting its first original content onto the Xbox later this year.