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Grumpy Cat Squares Off With Oscar the Grouch (Viral Video)

Aetna CEO on Being Part of Obamacare: “It’s Been a Rough Go”

Scanadu Raises $10.5 Million to Help Make Its Medical Tricorder a Reality

T-Mobile Shares Drop After Company Details Plan for Follow-On Offering

Moto X Price Drops to $99 as Moto Maker Customization Comes to All Major Carriers

The Mobile Phone Market Just Officially Became the Smartphone Market

Amazon Convinces U.S. Postal Service to Start Making Sunday Deliveries

Texting Can Be Good for Relationships (But Also Really Bad)

Future iPhones Could Be Big and Curvy, More Sensitive to Pressure

Andreessen Horowitz Sells a Third of Its Facebook Shares

Judge to Samsung: Tell Me Again Why I Shouldn’t Sanction You

Square Discontinues Monthly Flat-Rate Plan

Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch a Few Ticks Behind Schedule

Lookout Secures Deal to Be Installed on AT&T Android Devices

Qualcomm Issues Upbeat Earnings Report, But Guidance Disappoints Investors

With 190,000 Smartwatches Sold, Pebble Boosts iPhone Support

T-Mobile Sold More Tablets on iPad Air Launch Day Than Entire Prior Quarter

T-Mobile Adds One Million Customers in Third Quarter

AT&T Says iPad Activations Triple Those of Last Year’s Launch Weekend (Updated)

T-Mobile Finds That Giving Away Free Data Is Harder Than It Sounds

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There was a worry before I started this that I was going to burn every bridge I had. But I realize now that there are some bridges that are worth burning.

— Valleywag editor Sam Biddle