Swrve Says It Can Help Developers Dodge Fake Purchases Made by App Pirates

Developers “need to know whether they’re attracting great-looking pirates or mediocre-looking real users.”

Exclusive: Huang Brothers’ Next Project, Blue Goji, Will Layer Games on Top of Cardio Fitness

A step beyond wearable activity trackers and toward making fitness more immersive and addictive.


Activision to Buy Back Most of Vivendi’s Controlling Stake

Vivendi said it will continue to hold about 83 million shares, or 12 percent of the company.

News Byte

Raptr Updates Desktop App to Offer One-Click Live-Twitch Broadcasting

The gaming-focused social community Raptr announced today that its desktop app can now directly broadcast PC game play to Twitch without the need of additional software. The free app, available to download here, can stream nearly every game for which Raptr has manually added its In-Game Overlay feature, which gives players access to news and other social media outlets without leaving the game. That covers hundreds of titles, including League of Legends, Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A streaming how-to video is available here.

Ten Things About Me

14 Things About Charles Huang, Guitar Hero Producer and Green Throttle Co-Founder

The RedOctane and Green Throttle co-founder talks about Bruce Lee, Sherlock Holmes, high-speed rail, childhood obesity and more.

And the Highest-Paid Tech CEOs Are …

Dollar dollar bills, y’all.

Are Mobile Games Ever Going to Get Serious — And Do They Need To?

A cluster of new mobile games is looking for the core audience.

The Toy Story at E3: Why Videogame Makers Are Also Pushing Physical Toys This Year

“Kids today are so different than they were 10 years ago.”

Notes From a n00b at E3: A Sensory Overload of Fun and Games (But Mostly Just Games)

Sound and fury, signifying something to the people this expo is really for: The gamer faithful.

At This Year’s E3, Smaller Companies Get a Chance to Stand Out

At this year’s E3, smaller hardware makers and indie game developers will be looking to grab a sliver of the spotlight.