Google Glass: What Marketers Should Know

Glass will be the next iPhone — but today it’s a Newton.

Jibe Picks Up $8.3 Million From Vodafone and MTI to Help Build Carrier-Quality Messaging Into Apps

Start-up Jibe hopes to transform video chat from being its own separate program to being a feature within lots of other apps.

OMG: Royal Wedding Leads to a Bouquet of Text Messages, FWIW

Not only were people flocking to Twitter and Facebook to gab about the marriage of that prince and the English woman, but they were also sending a lot of text messages. Mobilized has just one message, and it applies to anything happening at 2 a.m., and it is this: Do Not Disturb.

Nielsen: Young People Across The Globe Love Their Cell Phones (But Use Them Differently)

According to a a new report, China is the biggest spot for the mobile Internet, with 73 percent of Chinese youths age 15 to 24 citing mobile Internet usage as among the things they used their cell phones for in the past month. That compares to less than half of American and British young people and less than a quarter of those in the rest of Europe. Meanwhile, young women in most countries were more likely than males to send text or picture messages, although the opposite was true in India, China and Brazil.

Microsoft Reaches for the Sky With Its Kin Phone

Finally, after years of churning out corporate-centric smartphones, Microsoft has designed a homegrown, cool and truly consumer-focused mobile device. Katie reviews the Kin.

Verizon Network Outage Begs Question: Is There Also a Map for That?

AT&T executives were no doubt grinning into their cornflakes this morning over a cock-up at rival Verizon that left many of that company’s customers in the eastern half of the U.S. without access to data services early Wednesday. The network outage was resolved relatively quickly, but not before Verizon got a little taste of some of the grief AT&T has been suffering for the past year.

Palm webOS 1.3.5 Will NOT Restore iTunes Media Synching

In addition to four calling birds, today–the fourth day of Christmas–will bring the latest point release of Palm’s webOS operating system. Judging from Palm’s version notes, webOS 1.3.5 is a relatively minor update, featurewise. It promises to give the Pre and Pixi improved battery life “in marginal coverage areas” and addresses some media-related MMS issues. One media-related issue the update does not address: iTunes compatibility.

Apple’s App Store: 100,000 Apps, “Well Over” Two Billion Downloads

When it launched on July 10, 2008, Apple’s iTunes App Store held just 552 apps. Today, Apple tells us, it boasts more than 100,000. Astonishing, really, when you think about it. The App Store isn’t even two years old yet. Nor is the iPhone SDK.

Weekend Update 09.26.09–The Cougar Hunter Edition

Kara was half James Bond, half Indiana Jones in the cities and jungles of BoomTown this week. She jet-setted, jet-lagged and still managed to report on a genuine cougar fight.

AT&T to Welcome iPhone Users to 2003 Tomorrow

AT&T has finally completed the very important “internal system upgrades” that prevented it from supporting multimedia messaging service on Apple’s iPhone. And at some point late tomorrow morning, the carrier will release an update enabling MMS.

Ganging Up on Google

iPhone 3.0. It’s Finally Here

iPhone 3.0 @ 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT

Uh, Hello? Cut-and-Paste!?!

Google Answers the iPhone