Motorola’s Moto G Might Stand for “Great” Budget Phone

Willing to sacrifice 4G/LTE? Moto G, at $179, is the mid-range, contract-free phone to beat.

Calling Overseas on Wi-Fi

Walt Mossberg answers a reader’s question about using Wi-Fi to make international calls.

Motorola Hits Redial After Website Glitches Hang Up $349 Moto X Cyber Monday Deal

The company now says it will offer twice as many devices at the sale price, with the offer due to be made available on Wednesday at noon ET, and again next Monday.

Smartphone With Wi-Fi Smarts

Republic Wireless is offering a clever, modern service on a good smartphone, and is showing that Wi-Fi calls can be as good as cellular ones.

News Byte

Motorola: KitKat Coming to Moto X on Verizon Today, Others Soon

Google’s Motorola unit said Tuesday that the KitKat version of Android is being made available for Moto X phones running on Verizon’s network, with other carriers and countries coming soon. “Our software strategy is to build on a pure Android foundation and complement existing Google services, not compete with them,” it said in a blog post.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside on How the $179 Moto G Can Change the Low-End Smartphone Game

Until now, most low-end smartphones had limited processing power and were running older versions of Android. But Woodside says that needn’t be the case.

Moto X Price Drops to $99 as Moto Maker Customization Comes to All Major Carriers

Hoping to capture a greater share of holiday sales, Motorola is dropping the contract price of its phone and bringing its customizing option to all four major carriers.

Motorola Teases Moto G Launch for November 13

Though short on details, the invitation to reporters featured a photo of a lush-looking globe, perhaps an indication of the company’s global ambitions for the device.

Motorola Keeps Those “Lazy Phone” Ads Coming

The latest spot shows how the Moto X could help a driver who suddenly realizes he is low on gas. But will the funny ads fuel sales?

When It Comes to Sturdiness, SquareTrade Says Moto X Tops Both New iPhone Models

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, meanwhile, finished last in a four-way comparison.