Web Video Startup Ooyala Raises $43 Million

A big Web video player you haven’t heard of gets a big funding round, all of it from an Australian telco.

Cable Guys Try Fighting Cord-Cutting With … A Clumsy Web Video

Maybe the TV Industrial Complex is vulnerable, after all.

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Chernin Group Confirms Crunchyroll Investment

Peter Chernin’s investment company has announced its investment in Crunchyroll, the online anime subscription service. The Chernin Group now owns a majority stake in the company, via a deal that values the startup at something close to $100 million. AllThingsD reported on the deal in October.

The Story of This Viral Video Will Blow Your Mind! (Please Tell Your Friends!)

How Bon Jovi got a huge hit song, 26 years after it was a huge hit song. (Spoiler: Involves Facebook.)

The Ratings Are in for Alpha House, Amazon’s First Made-for-the-Web TV Show

Wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon shared them?

Shhh! Amazon Starts a Semi-Secret Digital Focus Group for Its Homegrown TV Shows and Movies.

Amazon Preview sounds cool. But we can’t check it out. Good chance you can’t, either.

Today’s Giant Media Event, Brought to You — And Owned — By Google

Remember when Google didn’t make or own content? Anyway, here’s the YouTube Music Awards, featuring Eminem and Lady Gaga.

No Amazon TV Box for Christmas

Jeff Bezos’s box was supposed to take on Apple TV and Roku. But that fight has been pushed back to next spring.

Netflix Flirts With a New Idea: “Big” Movies at Your House, the Same Day They’re in Theaters

A great idea, which also seems improbable. But if they can pull it off …

How to (Almost) Guarantee Your Web Video Ad Gets Watched

Spoiler: Does not involve forcible restraint.

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